Assessment and Grading

Assessment #

Your final grade will depend on a weighted sum of your scores for homework, quizzes, projects, and professionalism. I’ve deliberately kept this section a bit vague to provide some flexibility for whatever might happen this semester, but as a rough guide, you can expect a small portion of your grade to depend on professionalism and the remainder to depend roughly evenly among homework, quizzes, and projects.

If at any point you are concerned about how you are being assessed or graded in this course, please contact me and I’d be happy to chat with you.

Extra Credit #

I very much enjoy course development, and this course is no different - I’m always looking for ways to make this course better for your learning. I have many concrete ideas for improving the course, and you probably will as well.

If you want to spend some time helping design or test these ideas, I can offer you some extra credit in this course. To receive the extra credit, you will need to produce something concrete, like an assignment writeup, rubric, or report, and the quality will need to be decently high. That being said, I will offer a comparable amount of credit to the time and effort you’ve invested to what you would get if you had spent that time working on this course.

Contact me if you are interested. I am happy to consider your ideas, my ideas, or some combination of the two.